About Cathy

I was never the girl to play dress up, much to my Mother’s dismay. I do have to give her credit for trying though! One Christmas just out of college, she offered to take me shopping for a “nice dress”, and I talked her into a digital camera instead. She was defeated, I was elated, and the rest is history. When I am not photographing the things I love, you can find me on the golf course, with my family, or at the dog park with my two Cavaliers Casey and Callie.

Fun Facts:

  • I get excited for a good thunderstorm
  • I may have more golf shoes than most professionals
  • I LOVE country music
  • Diet Coke is the nectar of the Gods
  • Practicing golf and taking pictures are my therapy
  • My kids make my heart smile
  • I’m always on the lookout for a meaningful quote
  • I’m really not a great morning person, but I can always be persuaded by a good sunrise

About Nicky

I’ve always been outgoing and adventurous. My mother would tell you that I can talk to anybody about anything!  Being outdoors brings me joy.  My parents always had us outside, going to the beach, a nature preserve, a hike up a mountain or through the woods. Photography has always been a passion since my early teens. Getting a great capture makes me smile. When I don’t have a camera in hand you can find me outside playing with my yellow Lab Bauer, working in the garden, reading a good book or in an ice rink watching my son play hockey.

Fun Facts:

  • I’m the mother of 4 great kids
  • Classic rock is great road trip music
  • I love sunsets and a great landscape
  • Beaches are best early in the morning
  • Hiking, biking, walking, running…  I do them all